AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano with CoPilot Ozone
September 22, 2017
AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano/Nano+ Complete System Kit
September 22, 2017
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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Complete System Kit


  • Pool Pilot Digital is our best selling chlorine generator
  • Advanced digital display
  • Titanium AutoPilot Pool Pilot Super Cell
  • Exclusive Pool Pilot pre-assembled manifold
  • Exclusive tri-sensor to monitor water flow, water temperature, and salt level
  • Calculates and provides recommended salt addition levels
  • Exclusive AutoPilot temperature compensation feature
  • Optional digital pump timer controller (we include it free with every order)
  • Proudly made in the USA by AutoPilot Pool Pilot
  • Multi-language display options allow for use in English, Spanish, Italian & French.
  • Self-cleaning cell
  • Dual 24 & 72-hour boost modes

The Pool Pilot DIG-220 Digital salt pool chlorine generator from AutoPilot is the most advanced and reliable unit on the market today. Discover why Ritz Carlton Resorts, YMCA and over 500,000 other pool owners have Pool Pilot chlorine generators installed on their pools since 1976.

Pool Pilot Digital Display

At your fingertips, you will find the vital stats that you need to keep your pool water sanitized and looking great. The Pool Pilot DIG-220 Digital is the only system on the market that actually tells you how much salt to add (in pounds). The digital display also provides readings for water temperature, cell usage information, and water flow. Multi-language display options allow for use in English, Spanish, Italian & French. On-board diagnostic and test programs ensure optimal system performance.

Simple, Easy Controls with the Pool Pilot Digital

Complete control your Pool Pilot Digital system is just at the push of a button. From pump to control to the chlorine production boost button everything is in one convenient place.

Titanium AutoPilot Pool Pilot Super Cell

The AutoPilot Super Cell is built to last. With superior titanium cell blades featuring maximum protective coatings, a reinforced body and excellent warranty no other manufacturer comes to close the cell quality of AutoPilot. Reverse polarity allows the cell to clean itself for even more low maintenance use. The Super Cell is also the only cell on the market to carry a lifetime trade-in value of up to $75.00.

Exclusive AutoPilot Pool Pilot Manifold

The exclusive AutoPilot manifold is a pre-plumbed unit designed to control the flow rate delivered to the cell. This provides the cell with a controlled rate of water, allowing for better chlorination. Unions located on the cell and manifold base make inspection and cleaning simple and hassle-free.

1) Inline Strainer – The in-line strainer protects the tri-sensor and the cell from debris that may by-pass the filter and obstruct either component. The location of the strainer in the connecting union make it easy to remove for periodic cleanings.
2) Pool Pilot Tri-Sensor – The tri-sensor is a three-way sensing device which measures flow, salt level and water temperature.
3) Titanium Cell – The cell produces 100% pure sodium hypochlorite in your pool.
4) Check Valve – The check valve in the manifold allows water flowing through the plumbing at a rate greater than 20 gallons per minute to by-pass the production cell to maximize the production of chlorine and prolong the life of the cell.

Temperature Compensation Feature

The tri-sensor temperature sensors increase or decrease the amount of chlorine being produced based on changes in water temperature. As water temperature drops to lower levels the controller will decrease and eventually lockout high levels of chlorine production. This ensures that the cell isn’t over-chlorinating the pool while unnecessarily using cell life. As the water temperature rises chlorine demand also increases. Again this is just one of the many features of the Pool Pilot Digital that you won’t find on any other system.

Digital Pump Controller – INCLUDED FREE

An optional relay can be installed for controlling your primary single-speed or two-speed water pump. We includes the optional relay at no extra charge with every Pool Pilot Digital order.

Plumbing & Pool Equipment Freeze Protection

If the Pool Pilot Digital has been set-up to control a one-speed pump and water drops below 40° F the pump will be automatically turned on and run for a minimum of 30 minutes to help prevent damage to the plumbing during light freeze conditions.

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